The Hunt for Fresh Capital

The way forward for British borrowers in 2019 


20% of companies were declined a loan by their bank in 2018. Has your business growth been held back as a result of a lack of funding?

In 2018, the banking industry was mired in uncertainty, and businesses are only now feeling the consequences. Banks promised to be by your side, but our survey suggests they are now locking their vaults to one in five businesses that need a loan.  

We hear that banks have postponed all decisions on new sub-£10m loans until after 29 March 2019. And back in October 2018, Parliament's powerful Treasury Select Committee castigated banks for their "scandalous" treatment of small businesses, highlighting the case of RBS' Global Restructuring Group, which purposefully pushed firms to the brink of collapse in the hope of picking up their assets on the cheap. Enter 2019, and with a no-deal Brexit looking ever more likely - British enterprise fights on. 

To understand the 2019 reality for businesses, ArchOver commissioned in-depth research into the state of business lending in the UK in 2018.    

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